Jean Royère, December 2012



In 2008, the galeries Jacques Lacoste and Patrick Seguin organised a large exhbition dedicated to the work of Jean Royère at the Sonnabend Gallery in New York.

A reference work, this two-volume monograph approaches Jean Royère’s work from a new angle, highlighting a singular and innovative universe whose dynamics are based on absolute creative freedom.

Presented in a boxed set, the 676 page book is composed of two volumes.


Volume 1 (303 pages) :

Introduced by prefaces by Jacques Lacoste and Patrick Seguin, this volume contains three interviews with Lorenz Baümer, Béatrice Salmon and Christian Lacroix, conducted by Françoise-Claire Prodhon (art historian and journalist) and is followed by a chapter retracing the Jean Royère exhbition at the Sonnabend Gallery, New York, in 2008. Royère’s work is then approached through four major themes inspired by his creations : the Plant, the Animal, the Imaginary and Line and Drawing. Each of these four themes, introduced by a text by Françoise-Claire Prodhon, is richly illustrated with archival and contemporary images.


Volume 2 (373 pages) :

Opening with an interview of Jean Royère with Pascal Renous in 1963, this second volume contains an important lexicon, « Le Répertoire de Jean Royère », which includes 380 pieces of furniture and creations, referenced and illustrated, as well as their different variants. Following this repertoire, a « Cahier de Dessins et tracés » reproduces for the first time 156 original drawings by Jean Royère.