Catalogue 2018


Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Following on from the previous annual edition, this catalogue retraces the activity of Galerie Jacques Lacoste throughout the year of 2018.

The period of 1920-1930 was honoured by the acquisition of major pieces by Pierre Chareau, Jean Prouvé, Jean Lurçat, Jean Dunand, Siezo Sugawara, Jean-Michel Frank, Louis Süe et André Mare, thus reflecting the creative effervescence of the inter-war period, fuelled by a passionate debate between the supporters of modernity and the defenders of traditional know-how.

The discovery of Jean Royère’s work continues unabated, as evidenced by the discovery of a salon in an exceptional state of preservation, as well as a rare Liane floor-lamp, which were both acquired directly from the families of the first-generation owners.

At the end of the year, the opening of a second space, at 19 avenue Matignon, offered the gallery new perspectives to further its investigation of the decorative arts of the 20th century.

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