Catalogue 2017


Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Throughout the course of 2017, Galerie Jacques Lacoste offered an in-depth look at the decorative arts of the 20th century, both within its showrooms and at international exhibitions. By exhibiting major pieces, often seen for the first time, it offered a sensitive and singular reading of the history of French design and furniture, from 1900 to the 1960s.

 The 2017 annual publication helps trace the gallery’s history through its acquisitions and events.

Certains aspects of the history of the decorative arts are approached with a sense of predeliction. The knowledge of Jean Royère’s work, the gallery’s main subject of research, has been enriched by the discovery of rare pieces, such as a Liane portemanteau as well as a set of Brazilian origin. A sculptural table by Hector Guimard, designed for the Castel Henriette, pays homage to Art Nouveau and the sources of the 20th century. Among these important discoveries are pieces by Jean Prouvé, Max Ingrand, Paul Dupré-Lafon, Alexandre Noll and Diego Giacometti.


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